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Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

bamboo cutlery


Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

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Bamboo Cutlery Travel Bundle

  • Perfect for anyone looking to live a sustainable lifestyle
  • Lightweight Bamboo makes this set incredibly convenient when on the go
  • Compact & quiet unlike metal utensil sets
  • Reduce the use of plastic utensils anywhere you are or go
  • Perfect gift for any good friend or family member


  • Bamboo Fork
  • Bamboo Spoon
  • Bamboo Knife
  • Bamboo Chopsticks
  • Bamboo Straw
  • Straw Cleaner
  • Convenient Travel Pouch

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable  

  • Bamboo is the worlds fastest naturally renewing resource.
  • There are more than 1000 species of bamboo on this planet.
  • Pandas only eat 30-40 species of Bamboo.
  • We make our Brushes & Alternatives from one of the many species Pandas do not use as food nor shelter.  
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