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CO2 Compensated Shipping

This is one we have been battling to figure out since we started.

We work very closely with a partner in China for our manufacturing & distribution.

We currently use this system for the ability of shipping worldwide to the many different countries we receive orders from for a greatly reduced fee compared to other countries such as the U.S.

We are able to reach more people, ship to more countries & help fight for our planet in many ways we wouldn't be able to otherwise.

We fully plan to provide local shipping as we continue to grow.

We understand this shipping process has its cons as the amount of CO2 pollution caused by transporting halfway across the world is ludicrous.

The complete solution would be to not ship alongside every other business in the world. Unfortunately the shipping industry is far out of our league.

We hope to one day have the power to shape & impact these kind of acts; unfortunately currently we do not. 

So what to do? 


We have been partnered with Onetreeplanted.org

We have helped plant thousands of trees.

 We will continue to help plant trees that will clean up CO2 from our air. We will donate as much as we can to charities doing amazing work for our planet.

We will reach as many people as we can around the world & show them how much our planet needs us.

We will make certain the positive impact we have on our planet will far outweigh the cons of our shipping.

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